“We want to treat every players much kindly.”

“We want to treat every players much kindly.”

This may be obvious, but we feel strongly that it's really important and never forget.

"Sports has almost became Business", it is often disturb the public. So now is the most important time to share with you, we want to treat player's performance and desire, emotion much kindly.

We aim to produce the value of Sports that it originally has, by arrange many experience and thought from various projects as athlete's eyes.

This is SARCLE's starting point.

We basically fulfill agent operations to maximize player's value and image.

We also manage their branding using various media and sponsors effectively, support their financial and legal matters, help their physical and nutritional care by collaborate with sports trainer.

We produce good environment by these full support for players, they can focus on their best performance on the pitch.

We hope provide many smile on the pitch and great dream for the supporters.

Agent & Management

As the licensed players' agent by JFA, we negotiate and do the contract proceedings of professional football players with domestic and overseas football clubs.

We maintain a good relationship with not only J-league but also European football leagues including Netherland, Germany and Spain.

We also manage player's branding using various media and contracted sponsors, and support their financial and legal matters, nutritional care with our professional partners.

Club & League Marketing

We develop the player's club and league business by the way that can increase club, league and player's all value.

We've achieved increasing awareness of Netherland football league rapidly in Japan by negotiate the broadcasting rights, develop "Feyenoord Rotterdam"club business.

And we also have developed business including sponsorship, merchandising with J-league.

Media Marketing

We also develop some business by collaboration with media.

For example we plan contracted player interviews with media and arrange its contents for sponsors. According to the need we do media buying, mainly magazines.

We issued the football magazine "SMILE" with publishing company, with an eye to the editorial business.

Sponsor & TV-Rights

We perform athlete branding and sponsor business by the knowledge and network building in advertising agency.


Athlete advertising planning and production

Athlete event planning and operation

Media planning and production

and the broadcasting rights of overseas club and league dealing, friendly match planning and operation, apparel and football goods planning and production etc..

Kids Project

We produce the Kids project for "Fun Football" popularization and unique player nurture.

We'll hold the football academy in all over Japan, represented by "SOFC" produce with Shinji Ono.

We also provide merchandising business, for example, developing mascots for kids, products with partner company etc..