We value every single player.

To say we value every player may seem like stating the obvious. But nowadays, with the massive financial scale of professional sports, this approach is not as common as you’d think. Now, more than ever, we need to value not just a player’s performance, but also their own thoughts and ambitions. To get the most value out of professional sports, we take the athlete’s perspective in all of our projects. That’s the bedrock of our thinking at Sarcle.

Through our agency services, we enhance the profile of each athlete while maximizing his value. To promote the unique brand that each of our athletes embodies, we harness a variety of media and sponsorship opportunities. We also provide financial and legal support, along with personalized physical support through our work with nutritionists and athletic trainers.

Our total support lets athletes focus on giving 100% on the field. We want to see our athletes bring joy to their play as they strive to make the fans’ dreams come true.

Agent & Management Services

The Japan Football Association has officially licensed Sarcle as a player’s Intermidiary. In this role, we negotiate the signing and transfer of professional footballers to clubs in Japan and overseas. Our network covers the J.League as well as major European leagues.

Sarcle offers management services dealing with athletes’ marketing contracts and media coverage. At the same time, we provide nutritional, financial, and legal support through our network of top-level experts.

Club & League Marketing

We develop the marketing activities of the clubs and leagues where our athletes play. Sarcle’s goal isn’t just to increase business. We also want to increase the value that the clubs, leagues, and athletes can offer.

So far, we’ve negotiated Eredivisie broadcasting rights in Japan. We also handled business here for clubs such as SD Eibar, Real Betis and Werder Bremen.

For Japanese clubs and the J.League, our marketing efforts include sponsorships and merchandising.

Media Marketing

Working with the media is another way we develop the business. We set up media interviews with players and arrange media content for sponsors. We also handle media buying-mainly in magazines. We cooperated with some social media such as Ameba and LINE to expand players awareness.

Sponsorships & TV Rights

In the days before Sarcle, we cultivated know-how and networks in the world of advertising. Now, we use our connections and knowledge to develop sponsorships and promote the branding of our athletes.

There’s a lot we do in this space. We plan and produce ads, events, and media content for our athletes. We handle broadcasting rights for overseas clubs and leagues. We stage friendly matches. We even develop apparel and football equipment.

Kids Project

Our Kids Project has two aims: to spread the enjoyment of football and to foster unique and talented players for the future. It’s all based around the SOFC football academy that we run with Shinji Ono. Along with coaching sessions, we hold football-themed community events throughout Japan.

We also support merchandising businesses. Working with partner companies, we develop kid-friendly mascots and other products.