Chisato Fukushima

Chisato Fukushima

DATE OF BIRTH 27/Jun/1988
HEIGHT 166cm
FOOT 24.0cm
HOBBY cooking and dogs


Chisato Fukushima started track and field when she was in fourth grade in primary school, and begun to emerge as a nationally recognised athlete while she was in junior high school, competing in the Junior Olympics.After graduated from Hokkaido Obihiro South Commercial High School, she went to Hokkaido High-Technology College in 2007.She continued her track and field career at High-Tech AC Track and Field Team, and in 2008, she tied the 100m Japan Record at that time in the Oda Memorial Meet.
Since then, she has become one of the top short-race female athletes in Japan, and set a new Japan record in the 200m (23.14 seconds) at the Shizuoka International Athletic Meet in 2009, becoming the fastest female athlete in Japan.In the following year, she set a new Japan record in the 100m (11.21 seconds) and became the Japan record holder in both 100m and 200m.
In the same year, she was selected as the 2010 Athlete of the Year by JAAF Athletic Awards. After 2011, she continued to be one of the best athletes in Asia and made her marks in various competitions, and in 2016, she broke her own 200m Japan record (22.88 seconds). 
She left Hokkaido High-Tech AC in 2018 and joined Seiko Holdings Corporation, where she continued to work towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but unfortunately, she was unable to participate in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and decided to retire in January 2022 after a long career in track and field. 
From now on, in order to return the favour to the athletics that made her who she is today, she will devote herself to the development of future generations, as well as to the educational activities of athletics, making the most of what she has learned in her athletic career to help boost the athletics world. In addition, she will be actively involved in media activities such as TV, magazines, etc., in order to raise awareness of athletics and to broaden her own horizons.


TV ・World Indoor Athletics 2022 Commentary @ TBS (March 2022)
・S☆1 at TBS (May 2022)
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・Seiko Golden Grand Prix Athletics 2023 Yokohama Commentary @ TBS (May 2023)
RADIO ・Fumitaka Ito's Radio Note @ ABC Radio
EVENT ・SEIKO Wakuwaku Athletics Class @ SEIKO
・Asahi Shimbun Nojin Juku @ The Asahi Shimbun Company
・Project to bring smiles to children @ Tokyo Metropolitan Government
・Fun! Fan Sports Festa 2022 in Mito @ Mito Sports Promotion Association
・Starlight Games in KARIYA @ Starlight Games Executive Committee
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・Sumisei Vitality Action Parent-child Running Class @ Sumitomo Life Insurance Company
・Fukushima Play Stadium @ Hitachi Systems Power Service Co.
・Father and Child Challenge Academy @ NPO Organization for Research and Development of Early Childhood Education Workers
SPONSER ・SEIKO Smile Ambassador
・JA Network Tokachi Ambassador